PBJohn (polarbearjohn) wrote in gainers,

Gaining a Gainer's Mentality

As my days of growing bigger go by, I find myself less and less afraid of who I want to look like deep-down. I was thinking about this today by carrying two twelve-packs of Dr. Pepper, one in each hand, from the gas station back to my dorm. Previously, I would've had personal qualms with myself, wondering how gluttonous I must look to other people watching me. This time, such a thought never occurred to me, which I consider to be an important milestone.

Another thought that occurred to me is how I'm now unafraid to walk around my dorm topless. I grow (literally and figuratively) more and more proud of my body as it itself grows bigger. These milestones put a smile on my face whenever I think about them. Thanks to all those who have encouraged me to keep gaining!

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